Have you ever heard of these gambling games in India!

Currently playing Satta or gambling in India is illegal under Public Gambling Act,1867. Some legal experts argue that playing games like poker and rummy are legal as they involve a substantial amount of skill in the play. Without any clear interpretation of the law on gambling, the fate of such games is debatable.

But due to the emerging digital environment and the fear of police. People now gamble through various internet websites. Currently, the betting market in India is roughly around Rs 9.6 lakh crores. Gambling is illegal,  but there are counter-arguments that legalizing gambling platforms like Satta king, etc. will increase the tax revenue for the state

Let’s look at some popular online gambling games in India 

1) adda52

Chris Gayle playing on adda 52

adda52 is an online poker gaming site in India. More than 20 lakh registered users make adda52 one of the largest online poker gaming sites. Poker lovers can play poker 24 x 7 with players around the world. The game requires skill and the use of strategies along with betting. adda52 has an amazing loyalty program, adda52 advantage.

The loyalty programme provides users great benefits like free tournament tickets, huge bonuses, travel packages and much more. Players can get benefited from the adda52 advantage by being more engaged in the weekly challenges.

adda52 is RNG certified which makes the platform more safe for the privacy concern of users. Fast payment processing along with Rs.18 crores distributed as cash prizes till the date makes adda52 poker players go-to site.

2) Satta king

A pen highlighting Satta king result chart

The word Satta generally means a lottery or gambling. The game of Satta was quite popular in the country before independence too. Later the game was widespread in India by Satta kings Kalyanji Bhagat and Rattan Khatri from Mumbai.

In Satta, 3 cards are drawn from the pack except for the king, queen, and joker and arranged in ascending order to form winning number. Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 9.5 are the maximum and minimum bets respectively in Satta.

The online Satta website Satta king is popular among gamblers.The most popular Satta matka’s on Satta king are Mumbai main matka, Milan day/ Night matka, Rajdhani day/ Night matka and Time matka bazar. Playing Satta is still illegal in India.

The Bollywood has been influenced too from Satta. Dharmatma being the first Bollywood movie on Satta. Movie was based upon the Satta king Rattan Khatri himself. Many Bollywood movies were produced by Satta king rattan Khatri later.

3) RummyCirlce

RummyCircle.com Logo

Rummy is a very popular card matching game. The most popular site for playing rummy in India is Rummycircle.com. In rummy the player who forms a combination or a set of cards before others win the game.

You can play rummy 24 x 7 in various Indian and international tournaments on rummycirlce.com. Players can also play free rummy tournaments with great cash prizes. The site offers a bonus of Rs. 2,000 for new registrations. Rummy circle accepts all major debit and credit cards for game deposits.

The gaming site offers super-fast rummy games with multiple rummy table gameplay with zero waiting time. Rummycircle promotes fair gameplay with top-notch security. It has daily deposit limit for rummy players so players don’t get addicted to the game. The site provides secure payment options and is SSL secured to protect users privacy.

4) Royal panda

Royal Panda logo

Royal panda India is probably one of the most visited online casinos in India. The site provides a number of casino games like jackpots, slots, multiple table games including blackjack and roulette. Along with a great customer support team, the site is available in 8 different languages.

Under loyalty panda programme regular players are awarded travel packages and additional funds. Royal Panda offers 100% welcome bonus, weekly bonus alongside other amazing offers. The site also offers a wide variety of deposit options to ease the gaming experience of players.

5) Leovegas

LeoVegas logo

Founded in 2011, Leovegas is often recognized as the King of India’s Mobile Casinos. Impressed with smooth and exciting gameplay experiences players reviewed that LeoVegas seems to be an amazing pocket casino to them. Users get a casino bonus on new registration.

Free spins, bonuses, VIP trips, and loyalty programmes are additional benefits that regular players win. With wide ways to pay for deposits, LeoVegas provides the player with an easy gaming experience.

It accepts payments through MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, and Skrill E-wallets. Leovegas popularity is such that recently they were awarded ‘Mobile Casino of the Year 2019’.

The Most Rewarding Brands for Consumers

There are so many brands these days that have their consumers and users in a state of deadlock. However, this is all the more reason to appreciate the few brands which actually take out the time and devise schemes to actually reward their loyal users and fan base. While these brands are few and far between, some truly do pamper their audience of regular and loyal users in order to intice them to stay. While some offer monetary gain, others have rewards beyond that, and seem less tangible. Either way, it is great practice for businesses and big brands to keep up behavior like this, and surely more companies should take note of such practices.


Paytm is considered a fairly revolutionary software in India, and this is not without good reason. Essentially kicking in the ‘cashless’ revolution which continues to this day, Paytm was a mobile wallet app which caught on like wildfire in the nation. Even today, you’d be hard pressed to find a decent vendor not accepting payments through this online wallet method. However, we’re not here to discuss Paytm itself, but rather, it’s rewards system. The app offers many incentives to users, including it’s own built in store, the Paytm Store, allowing users to pay for items, discounted, directly from their online wallet.

Google Pay

Speaking of online wallets, we come to one of the behemoths of this industry. Google Pay offers so many rewards, it’s hard to keep track of at certain times. Additionally, many different actions have different reward tiers, instead of having a linear system, allowing customers to redeem on simply their very first day with the app. Even without rewards, Google is offering a unique and secure solution to the online wallet, which we would implore each and every one of our readers try, if you haven’t already.


SattaKing is obviously a rewarding app, without a shadow of a doubt. While it may seem more difficult to procure money through this app than any other mentioned on this list, it is also possible to make a lot more money through Satta than anything else on this list. Especially with a site like SattaKing guiding you along the way, your chances of success are far higher. Keep in mind, this list is about ‘reward’, which implies one must do something before claiming it. Be a regular on the SattaKing site, and it’s unlikely you’ll find failure in this extremely traditional game.


Avid travelers and tourists will have undoubtedly heard of this one before, as Goibibo is one of the best travel aggregator sites in the world. They offer flights, trains, hotels, and pretty much anything else you’ll be needing on your various journeys throughout a nation, or the world itself. The real selling  point here is the benefits, chalked up in this app as ‘travel cash’, upon doing certain tasks, you earn travel cash, which can be redeemed in future payments as a discount. A great reward for serious travelers out there.

Most Consumer Friendly Brands Today

Being surrounded by traits of consumerism and capitalism at every turn, we’ve become extremely accustomed to anticonsumer practices in the world today. It has boiled over to the point where companies which get called out for publically anticonsumer behavior get away with such malpractice and poor behavior. However, there are exceptions to this rule, brands that despite their power over consumers, continue to do the right thing, and give us hope in the system. Here are a few of these such brands.

Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki is one of the oldest and most recognizable brands, at least in the entirety of India. A majority of the sales in the Indian automobile segment come from this brand. One might wonder how this name is coming up in a discussion about ethics? Well truly, this comes down to Maruti Suzuki’s pricing strategy, they make cars which aren’t underpowered or lacking basic features, but offer them at extremely competitive price point. Since India is a buyers’ market when it comes to cars, they force foreign manufacturers to lower prices as well in order to be competitive. This can practically be considered social work, and Maruti Suzuki are truly doing their part to help the population of their country.


Toms is one of the most ethical and responsible brands in the world today, especially in the world of fashion. We hear so many horror stories these days that fashion brands use child labor, or unpaid workforces to manufacture clothing, and while headlines like these break our hearts, there is little we can do. This is where brands like truly shine as beacons of hope for the fashion industry. For every Toms shoe one purchases, the company donates another pair to a child in need, a truly noble cause, from a company hoping to make the world a better place.


More than anything else, the brand SattaKing represents a lot more than what may appear to the naked eye. SattaKing highlights how technology and tradition can coexist. When the internet broke onto the scene, people were afraid that traditional mediums would be instantly killed off. But SattaKing demonstrates that there happen to be ways in which tradition and tech can work together to create harmony rather than ruthless competition. SattaKing simply complements and supplements the game of Satta, which continues to grow strong despite competition and resistance from the internet.


The final entry on our list may come as a little bit of an oddity. Older generations may not even recognize this, but Miniclip is one brand which will spring back memories of joy amongst the younger readers. In essence, Miniclip is a portal which releases flash games for free for everyone to play. You may recognize them from their phenomenal mobile smash hit, 8 ball pool. This is ethical since nowadays in the gaming industry, things like microtransactions, and in game payments have become commonplace, so its nice to see a developer offering their games for free, on their own proprietary online portal.

Informational Brands Which Spread the Word

Over the past decade or so, major technological innovations have been used in a plethora of ways, be it entertainment, connectivity, interaction, or to breed even more innovations. However, one of the most overused, and underappreciated of these uses is the spreading of information. We are indeed blessed to have the amount of information that we do at our fingertips, just a few clicks and keyboard types away at any moment. These sites truly help satiate the human thirst for hunger, and are generally some of the more diverse, eccentric, and informational out there to keep track of.


So, we cheated a little on the introduction, stating that these sites were more eccentric, specific, and niche. So it truly can be considered cheating that Wikipedia is the first entry on our list. Wikipedia, as you must know, is the free encyclopedia, and has an entry, page, or mention of near anything in the world you can dream up. From films, to games, to scientific phenomenon, to famous personalities, to vintage cars, you name it, Wikipedia surely has it. Being one of the most widely visited sites in the world on any given day, and any college student’s best friend, Wikipedia is truly a treasure-trove of information.


WIRED is in fact one of the most historically significant sites on the internet from the perspective of a tech buff, like ourselves. The reason for this is that WIRED was in fact one of the first online magazines to have ever existed. For this reason, it earns a spot on our list. Bringing you your daily dose of tech news and roundups from the world of technology, WIRED surely demands your attention, since tech changes are so hard and fast at this point, it can feel at times like you need a guide to carry you through.


GQ, a shorthand for Gentlemans Quarterly, began as, you may imagine, a quarterly magazine delivering the best of mens fashion, grooming, style, and so much more. Today, this continues to be one of the bestselling magazines of the world, which can also be found in electronic form online. GQ’s online website packs so much information onto its pages, from various experts, influencers, and general icons in the world, that the invaluable firsthand experience one receives truly makes it a site which needs to be bookmarked and followed, almost on a daily basis irrespective of gender.


Finally, we come to SattaKing, one of the sites which showed us the natural evolution of both tech, and gaming. We mean this since when the internet burst onto the scene, so many people believed that traditional games, much like satta in India would be completely wiped out, before going extinct. Thankfully however, in one of the few cases of this, Satta didn’t get killed, and instead sprang offshoots like SattaKing, which propelled the traditional game by supportin it, rather than killing it. Satta and SattaKing continue to go strong today, and this platforms informational value is as significant as its standing in the gaming world.

Gaming Brands Which are Changing the World

Gaming is certainly no longer child’s play. One of the big entertainment mediums of the world today, along with films, gaming is an industry for the future. It should go without saying that being a booming industry which continues to grow with every passing day, there are a few posterchildren for this industry. In fact, there are so many iconic brands existing in the gaming sphere that it was challenging to narrow them down for this very list. Here we feature real needlemovers in the industry, and those helping pull this successful market into the next generation of entertainment technology, for a new audience to experience.


Fortnite is truly one of the most prolific brand names in the world today. Starting out as a fairly bog standard arena survival game, it is the battle royal fever which struck the games industry around 2018 which really gave this brand the Launchpad it needed to succeed. Recently, the Fortnite world championship took place, with a winning prizepool of around $1 million, more than some sporting events even. These recent events demonstrate without a shadow of a doubt that brands in the gaming world hold serious value, weight, and meaning, perhaps as much as a sports franchise, or tech brand, something that people can truly support and project themselves onto.


PUBG, in essence is similar to Fortnite in many ways. This too is a battle royal game, with a rabid fan base, and e-sports following. While Fortnite excelled in many western regions, PUBG did far better in the east, in places like India and the Middle East. PUBG’s following is perhaps the only one in the world able to hold a candle to the aforementioned Fortenite’s popularity. Both these together truly show the power of the modern gaming industry.


Satta, without getting into far too much detail, is an Indian, numbers based gambling game. Traditionally having different hubs in different localities, the game lives on in full spirit today. However, where brands and technology comes in is the site SattaKing which allows one to track the numbers and winnings from the comfort of their own home. This, without damaging the tradition of the game, has modernized it for a new generation to enjoy. This brand truly exhibits a point where traditional and modern gaming can coexist.


The mobile gaming frenzy is very much a real world concept in today’s day and age. Usually, mobile games are casual, party based, multiplayer, and do not require too much thought. They tend to accentuate a vibe, rather than establish it like some of its more modern contemporaries. One of the main examples of this is PSYCH, a party based mobile game, in which many players can participate at one time. This game truly emphasizes why casual gaming may well be the future of the medium at large, and why games like this, and Heads Up are to be taken very seriously in the modern context of the industry.

Brands Which Leveraged Modern Technology to Grow

Technology is evolving at an ever growing rate. Both the world, and the technology inside it are more developed now than at any previous point in history. A lot of this credit has to be chalked up to the various brands which either gave us the technology with which to innovate, or used the innovation as a Launchpad to go to global recognition and stardom. Here are 5 brands which truly used technology to blossom.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is one of the foremost luxury car manufacturers in the world. While they get credit for making functional, extremely high luxury cars, they don’t always get the credit they deserve for pushing the envelope of the innovation and mark they have made on the modern auto industry. Their recent announcements of new EV’s (electric vehicles) being added to their established lineup of hatchbacks, sedans, and SUV’s are a welcome change from the German powerhouse, and truly will send shockwaves through the automobile industry. Them leveraging the EV tech available now is a huge step which is sure to see others following in their footsteps.


It should come as no surprise that Google has made an appearance on this list, after all, where exactly would we be without their groundbreaking tech? From navigation, to entertainment, to communications, to hardware, Google does it all, and does it flawlessly we may add. Whenever new tech is unveiled, you can almost bank all on the fact that Google will begin to experiment on it in their California facility, before rolling it out to the public.


Satta is a traditional Indian gambling game, somewhat similar to a lotto in the west. When modern technology came, people were afraid that their beloved game would get wiped out by digital games. However, instead of that, the internet community supported the tradition, and offspring sites such as SattaKing appeared, which chose to complement and supplement the game, than eating up its share of the market.


Facebook’s inclusion on this list might come as a surprise to some, since not many people know Facebook the brand, as a separate entity to Facebook the social networking site. Fact is, Facebook is the parent company of some brands you might have heard of, including; Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus. These business moves allow them to push new technology while still retaining their social standing in the media world. This clever business move makes Facebook not just Business savvy, but also tech savvy in their own right.


Samsung has achieved one of the great landmarks, being one of the only brands which can truly stand toe to toe with the juggernaut of the industry that is Apple Inc. Samsung constantly pushes the envelope as to what can happen, especially in cross connectivity. Since Samsung, unlike a lot of brands, makes all manner of things, such as washing machines, televisions, fridges, and more, they can integrate software which runs through all these devices like a thread, making it a true innovator in the tech world.

Brands to Watch out for in 2020

It goes without saying that in todays tech landscape, new innovations spring out from seemingly nowhere, left right and center. It seems like we as a society cannot go even a day without some great breakthrough or iteration graces the front page of a newspaper. Of course, this is a blessing, and one would be a fool to disapprove of this. However, some companies are surely leading the charge, while others tend to become followers. 2019 was certainly an eventful year for tech, but trust us, 2020 will be better, so here are the 4 biggest brands to watch out for in the year 2020.


Elon Musk and his team of brilliant engineers over at Tesla continue to change the world of automobiles with every passing day. The Model X, 3, and Roadster simply proved the viability and cool factor of electric cars, which we can only anticipate will grow with more models being announced frequently. What is to note, is that these models are more innovative than iterative, and Tesla’s philosophy is to constantly keep moving no matter the market, or hurdles, or competition. They continue to march towards a world exclusively populated by electric vehicles, and for this reason, they are one to keep an eye out for in 2020.


SattaKing is truly one of the coolest brands in all of India today, making it especially interesting since it is based on a traditional game. This dichotomy between a modern technology site, and a traditionally quintessential Indian game make SattaKing truly interesting. This portal continues to evolve with every passing day, and 2020 is set to be a big year for the site, with many new generations being introduced to this cultural phenomenon.


The brand Xiaomi around 5 years ago was a complete unproven commodity, and nobody, outside China at least, even knew that this brand was a real thing which existed. However, due to the massive boom which took place in the Indian market, Xiaomi is one of the most recognizable phone manufacturers today. Garnering a reputation for putting out extremely highly stated phones, for a very competitive price is what made Xiaomi a household name in today’s day and age. Surely they will have many new launches and breakthroughs in the new year of 2020, which is why one should surely keep an eye on this rising star of the tech world.


AliBaba first made waves back when their New York Stock Exchange IPO took place earlier this decade. Oh, and this happened to be the largest IPO in the history of humankind. Their charismatic leader, with eccentric world views, Jack Ma, has become one of the household names of the business world, right up there with your Warren Buffets, and Ratan Tatas. AliBaba has been known for making money moves for a long time, and we have no reason to believe that 2020 won’t be a continuation of this trend. Surely look out for AliBaba in the coming year, and years to come beyond that also.

Brand Pushing the Envelope of Technology

There are so many brands which themselves were built upon the world of evolving technologies. However, many fewer brands actually push and bend the limits of innovation when it comes to technology. As we know, pushing the boundaries of tech are done on a daily basis, but the brands which truly recognize what can be done with this tech deserve a salute, since without them, we would have handfuls of tech, and no idea what to do exactly with it. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the top brands in the world today pushing the envelope of how to utilize the modern technology which is at our disposal.


The now infamous WikiLeaks, founded by the even more notorious Julian Assange, was a site wherein so called ‘whistleblowers’, or people with access to confidential information could go to expose organizations, governments, or even lucrative individuals. This site ended up exposing a lot of government secrets, and many others. Truly a needle mover in the tech space, WikiLeaks is just one of the many examples of how tech can be used for social actions.


As is well known now, Google, or Alphabet Inc. rather, is one of the largest organizations in the world today, tech or otherwise. Google owns and manages Google Maps, Google Pay, Gmail, YouTube, and so many more, that it would take too long to list off. Every day, Google pushes the envelope of tech in the world. From innovations constantly occurring, to optimizing their current applications and tech, not to mention their search engine, there was no way that Google wasn’t making their way on the list.


Now we come to SattaKing, which while not exactly a needlemover in the tech world, has done a lot for the culture, especially in India. Facilitating a world wherein tech didn’t eat up the traditional game of satta, but rather gave way to sites like SattaKing, which complement the base game, instead of trying to put it down, or outright destroy it, in a manner which has become commonplace in the ruthless tech landscape of 2019.


Oculus, best known for their first virtual reality headset, the rift, are one of the real needlemovers in the world of both VR and AR. They were one of the first companies to jump on the so called ‘bandwagon’. Later purchased by Facebook, Oculus is truly attempting, and succeeding, at making virtual reality a viable medium for the future, and present for that matter. Should they succeed, then Oculus will be leading the charge for a new wave of entertainment.


OnePlus is truly one of those brands which despite being so hyped and lauded, remain underrated. Their philosophy of providing flagship quality and stated phones at budget prices makes them a true diamond in the rough of multinationals looking to screw you out of your hard earned money. For this reason OnePlus deserve the recognition as one of the greatest smartphone manufacturers of our generation.

5 Brands Which Adapted to Modern Technology

These days, it seems the success of a brand is no longer determined by many things, but the way in which they tend to adapt to oncoming trends, particularly of the technological kind. With technology evolving at an exponential rate, that is, faster than it ever has at any point in history previously. With that being said and done, the following are 5 brands which truly pushed the envelope when it came to adapting to oncoming trends and breakthroughs in technology.


Audi is widely considered one of the most innovative and exciting car brands in the world. The German powerhouse of a manufacturer is credited with making some of the most functional, powerful, sporty, and most of all luxurious cars we see crawling the streets today. However, they also happen to be an innovative manufacturer, most recently exhibited with their ‘E-Tron’ concept and release. The fully electric SUV recognized moves being made by Tesla and others, and decided to jump on the fully electric model before it’s contemporaries BMW and Mercedes Benz.


While this statement is inapplicable now, Motorola was one of the biggest cell phone manufacturers of its time. The ‘Razor’ was truly the iPhone of it’s time, and certainly was the ‘in’ device during that time period in the early 2000s. This adaptation of tech was done on the digital model, which predecessor Nokia failed to build on, allowing Motorola to come in and sweep the mobile market share.


This entry might puzzle a vast majority of you, since Facebook, in essence, has remained mostly unchanged since it’s inception. However, on this list, we are referring to Facebook the company, the brand, not the site. Specifically, Facebook’s takeover of brands like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus truly show their savviness not just as a tech giant, but as a business. Their ability to predict and hop on trends is something which has truly served them well.


Next, we come to SattaKing, and instead of being a brand which evolved on its own merit and technology, the entire birth of this brand can be attributed to innovations in the world of tech. SattaKing leveraged the tech of the internet to supplement the fan favorite game of Satta, which is enjoyed all over the subcontinent of India. This allows players to view the results of the game online, making an interconnected, and interwoven sense of community, the likes of which have never been seen before.


People at mass may not realize this, but there was a point just a few years back where the on demand content driven YouTube was being threatened by livestreaming platforms, such as Twitch TV. Being savvy, and being owned and managed by Google which had to help, YouTube quickly developed their sites own livestreaming capability in order to combat this uprising. Additionally, this can be seen once again where the rise of sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime showed and increasing popularity towards subscription based streaming platforms. This shift forced the higher ups at YouTube to implement a premium feature.

5 Best Money Making Brands

In today’s day and age, certain brands have certain undeniable reputations, by which they have come to define themselves. Image is inarguably one of the most important things to any business out there, hence why the presence of the public relations field seems to get bigger and bigger with every passing day. There are many brands out there which allow their users and patrons to make some money of their own in some way or another, and some of these brands exclusively focus on the act of returning something to the users. Here are the 5 best money making brands in the world today.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google is one of the biggest brands in the world today. Their color scheme is so unanimous with curiosity and technological innovation that competitors such as Yahoo and Bing have long since fallen by the wayside. What many people may not know is that Google has their own rewards system, known as ‘Google Opinion Rewards’, which allows users to take part in opinion based surveys, returning a small amount of money to be used exclusively on the play store. While many of these exist, the brand value of Google makes this a particularly reliable to earn some credit.


SattaKing is a powerful, homegrown Indian brand which continues to flourish day in and day out. Satta, as many may know, is a traditional gambling style game which works in a similar fashion to a lottery. SattaKing, in essence, simply allows players to go online and track the results of various satta games all over the nation. While not exclusively a money making brand, they certainly can help you earn a fair chunk of change should you familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the classic game.

SB Answers

Similarly to the aforementioned Google Opinion Rewards, SB answers, formerly known as SwagBucks, allows one to take certain surveys, or complete predetermined tasks in order to earn a certain reward at the end. Rewards range from fairly worthless, to quite valuable, and considering the minimal effort that goes into taking these surveys, SB answers may just be a great app to download right now.


RewardBox is a web app which allows users to play some games, partake in some quizzes, and in exchange, get a deposit right into their PayTm wallet. Quite a nifty little site, RewardBox allows one to earn some money whenever they have a few minutes free with nothing to do. A highly recommended brand to support at this point.

Google Pay

After some deliberation, we return to Google again, this time for another one of their unique products. Google Pay is a UPI app, it links directly to your bank account. However, what you may not know is that Google Pay offers cashback on various types of transactions and tasks, allowing you to stock up your funds as you continue to spend it. This neat and nifty feature is exactly what earns Google their second spot on this list with their Pay app.