Have you ever heard of these gambling games in India!

Currently playing Satta or gambling in India is illegal under Public Gambling Act,1867. Some legal experts argue that playing games like poker and rummy are legal as they involve a substantial amount of skill in the play. Without any clear interpretation of the law on gambling, the fate of such games is debatable. But due […]

Most Consumer Friendly Brands Today

Being surrounded by traits of consumerism and capitalism at every turn, we’ve become extremely accustomed to anticonsumer practices in the world today. It has boiled over to the point where companies which get called out for publically anticonsumer behavior get away with such malpractice and poor behavior. However, there are exceptions to this rule, brands […]

Informational Brands Which Spread the Word

Over the past decade or so, major technological innovations have been used in a plethora of ways, be it entertainment, connectivity, interaction, or to breed even more innovations. However, one of the most overused, and underappreciated of these uses is the spreading of information. We are indeed blessed to have the amount of information that […]