5 Best Money Making Brands

In today’s day and age, certain brands have certain undeniable reputations, by which they have come to define themselves. Image is inarguably one of the most important things to any business out there, hence why the presence of the public relations field seems to get bigger and bigger with every passing day. There are many brands out there which allow their users and patrons to make some money of their own in some way or another, and some of these brands exclusively focus on the act of returning something to the users. Here are the 5 best money making brands in the world today.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google is one of the biggest brands in the world today. Their color scheme is so unanimous with curiosity and technological innovation that competitors such as Yahoo and Bing have long since fallen by the wayside. What many people may not know is that Google has their own rewards system, known as ‘Google Opinion Rewards’, which allows users to take part in opinion based surveys, returning a small amount of money to be used exclusively on the play store. While many of these exist, the brand value of Google makes this a particularly reliable to earn some credit.


SattaKing is a powerful, homegrown Indian brand which continues to flourish day in and day out. Satta, as many may know, is a traditional gambling style game which works in a similar fashion to a lottery. SattaKing, in essence, simply allows players to go online and track the results of various satta games all over the nation. While not exclusively a money making brand, they certainly can help you earn a fair chunk of change should you familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the classic game.

SB Answers

Similarly to the aforementioned Google Opinion Rewards, SB answers, formerly known as SwagBucks, allows one to take certain surveys, or complete predetermined tasks in order to earn a certain reward at the end. Rewards range from fairly worthless, to quite valuable, and considering the minimal effort that goes into taking these surveys, SB answers may just be a great app to download right now.


RewardBox is a web app which allows users to play some games, partake in some quizzes, and in exchange, get a deposit right into their PayTm wallet. Quite a nifty little site, RewardBox allows one to earn some money whenever they have a few minutes free with nothing to do. A highly recommended brand to support at this point.

Google Pay

After some deliberation, we return to Google again, this time for another one of their unique products. Google Pay is a UPI app, it links directly to your bank account. However, what you may not know is that Google Pay offers cashback on various types of transactions and tasks, allowing you to stock up your funds as you continue to spend it. This neat and nifty feature is exactly what earns Google their second spot on this list with their Pay app.

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