5 Brands Which Adapted to Modern Technology

These days, it seems the success of a brand is no longer determined by many things, but the way in which they tend to adapt to oncoming trends, particularly of the technological kind. With technology evolving at an exponential rate, that is, faster than it ever has at any point in history previously. With that being said and done, the following are 5 brands which truly pushed the envelope when it came to adapting to oncoming trends and breakthroughs in technology.


Audi is widely considered one of the most innovative and exciting car brands in the world. The German powerhouse of a manufacturer is credited with making some of the most functional, powerful, sporty, and most of all luxurious cars we see crawling the streets today. However, they also happen to be an innovative manufacturer, most recently exhibited with their ‘E-Tron’ concept and release. The fully electric SUV recognized moves being made by Tesla and others, and decided to jump on the fully electric model before it’s contemporaries BMW and Mercedes Benz.


While this statement is inapplicable now, Motorola was one of the biggest cell phone manufacturers of its time. The ‘Razor’ was truly the iPhone of it’s time, and certainly was the ‘in’ device during that time period in the early 2000s. This adaptation of tech was done on the digital model, which predecessor Nokia failed to build on, allowing Motorola to come in and sweep the mobile market share.


This entry might puzzle a vast majority of you, since Facebook, in essence, has remained mostly unchanged since it’s inception. However, on this list, we are referring to Facebook the company, the brand, not the site. Specifically, Facebook’s takeover of brands like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus truly show their savviness not just as a tech giant, but as a business. Their ability to predict and hop on trends is something which has truly served them well.


Next, we come to SattaKing, and instead of being a brand which evolved on its own merit and technology, the entire birth of this brand can be attributed to innovations in the world of tech. SattaKing leveraged the tech of the internet to supplement the fan favorite game of Satta, which is enjoyed all over the subcontinent of India. This allows players to view the results of the game online, making an interconnected, and interwoven sense of community, the likes of which have never been seen before.


People at mass may not realize this, but there was a point just a few years back where the on demand content driven YouTube was being threatened by livestreaming platforms, such as Twitch TV. Being savvy, and being owned and managed by Google which had to help, YouTube quickly developed their sites own livestreaming capability in order to combat this uprising. Additionally, this can be seen once again where the rise of sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime showed and increasing popularity towards subscription based streaming platforms. This shift forced the higher ups at YouTube to implement a premium feature.

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