Brand Pushing the Envelope of Technology

There are so many brands which themselves were built upon the world of evolving technologies. However, many fewer brands actually push and bend the limits of innovation when it comes to technology. As we know, pushing the boundaries of tech are done on a daily basis, but the brands which truly recognize what can be done with this tech deserve a salute, since without them, we would have handfuls of tech, and no idea what to do exactly with it. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the top brands in the world today pushing the envelope of how to utilize the modern technology which is at our disposal.


The now infamous WikiLeaks, founded by the even more notorious Julian Assange, was a site wherein so called ‘whistleblowers’, or people with access to confidential information could go to expose organizations, governments, or even lucrative individuals. This site ended up exposing a lot of government secrets, and many others. Truly a needle mover in the tech space, WikiLeaks is just one of the many examples of how tech can be used for social actions.


As is well known now, Google, or Alphabet Inc. rather, is one of the largest organizations in the world today, tech or otherwise. Google owns and manages Google Maps, Google Pay, Gmail, YouTube, and so many more, that it would take too long to list off. Every day, Google pushes the envelope of tech in the world. From innovations constantly occurring, to optimizing their current applications and tech, not to mention their search engine, there was no way that Google wasn’t making their way on the list.


Now we come to SattaKing, which while not exactly a needlemover in the tech world, has done a lot for the culture, especially in India. Facilitating a world wherein tech didn’t eat up the traditional game of satta, but rather gave way to sites like SattaKing, which complement the base game, instead of trying to put it down, or outright destroy it, in a manner which has become commonplace in the ruthless tech landscape of 2019.


Oculus, best known for their first virtual reality headset, the rift, are one of the real needlemovers in the world of both VR and AR. They were one of the first companies to jump on the so called ‘bandwagon’. Later purchased by Facebook, Oculus is truly attempting, and succeeding, at making virtual reality a viable medium for the future, and present for that matter. Should they succeed, then Oculus will be leading the charge for a new wave of entertainment.


OnePlus is truly one of those brands which despite being so hyped and lauded, remain underrated. Their philosophy of providing flagship quality and stated phones at budget prices makes them a true diamond in the rough of multinationals looking to screw you out of your hard earned money. For this reason OnePlus deserve the recognition as one of the greatest smartphone manufacturers of our generation.

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