Brands to Watch out for in 2020

It goes without saying that in todays tech landscape, new innovations spring out from seemingly nowhere, left right and center. It seems like we as a society cannot go even a day without some great breakthrough or iteration graces the front page of a newspaper. Of course, this is a blessing, and one would be a fool to disapprove of this. However, some companies are surely leading the charge, while others tend to become followers. 2019 was certainly an eventful year for tech, but trust us, 2020 will be better, so here are the 4 biggest brands to watch out for in the year 2020.


Elon Musk and his team of brilliant engineers over at Tesla continue to change the world of automobiles with every passing day. The Model X, 3, and Roadster simply proved the viability and cool factor of electric cars, which we can only anticipate will grow with more models being announced frequently. What is to note, is that these models are more innovative than iterative, and Tesla’s philosophy is to constantly keep moving no matter the market, or hurdles, or competition. They continue to march towards a world exclusively populated by electric vehicles, and for this reason, they are one to keep an eye out for in 2020.


SattaKing is truly one of the coolest brands in all of India today, making it especially interesting since it is based on a traditional game. This dichotomy between a modern technology site, and a traditionally quintessential Indian game make SattaKing truly interesting. This portal continues to evolve with every passing day, and 2020 is set to be a big year for the site, with many new generations being introduced to this cultural phenomenon.


The brand Xiaomi around 5 years ago was a complete unproven commodity, and nobody, outside China at least, even knew that this brand was a real thing which existed. However, due to the massive boom which took place in the Indian market, Xiaomi is one of the most recognizable phone manufacturers today. Garnering a reputation for putting out extremely highly stated phones, for a very competitive price is what made Xiaomi a household name in today’s day and age. Surely they will have many new launches and breakthroughs in the new year of 2020, which is why one should surely keep an eye on this rising star of the tech world.


AliBaba first made waves back when their New York Stock Exchange IPO took place earlier this decade. Oh, and this happened to be the largest IPO in the history of humankind. Their charismatic leader, with eccentric world views, Jack Ma, has become one of the household names of the business world, right up there with your Warren Buffets, and Ratan Tatas. AliBaba has been known for making money moves for a long time, and we have no reason to believe that 2020 won’t be a continuation of this trend. Surely look out for AliBaba in the coming year, and years to come beyond that also.

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