Brands Which Leveraged Modern Technology to Grow

Technology is evolving at an ever growing rate. Both the world, and the technology inside it are more developed now than at any previous point in history. A lot of this credit has to be chalked up to the various brands which either gave us the technology with which to innovate, or used the innovation as a Launchpad to go to global recognition and stardom. Here are 5 brands which truly used technology to blossom.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is one of the foremost luxury car manufacturers in the world. While they get credit for making functional, extremely high luxury cars, they don’t always get the credit they deserve for pushing the envelope of the innovation and mark they have made on the modern auto industry. Their recent announcements of new EV’s (electric vehicles) being added to their established lineup of hatchbacks, sedans, and SUV’s are a welcome change from the German powerhouse, and truly will send shockwaves through the automobile industry. Them leveraging the EV tech available now is a huge step which is sure to see others following in their footsteps.


It should come as no surprise that Google has made an appearance on this list, after all, where exactly would we be without their groundbreaking tech? From navigation, to entertainment, to communications, to hardware, Google does it all, and does it flawlessly we may add. Whenever new tech is unveiled, you can almost bank all on the fact that Google will begin to experiment on it in their California facility, before rolling it out to the public.


Satta is a traditional Indian gambling game, somewhat similar to a lotto in the west. When modern technology came, people were afraid that their beloved game would get wiped out by digital games. However, instead of that, the internet community supported the tradition, and offspring sites such as SattaKing appeared, which chose to complement and supplement the game, than eating up its share of the market.


Facebook’s inclusion on this list might come as a surprise to some, since not many people know Facebook the brand, as a separate entity to Facebook the social networking site. Fact is, Facebook is the parent company of some brands you might have heard of, including; Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus. These business moves allow them to push new technology while still retaining their social standing in the media world. This clever business move makes Facebook not just Business savvy, but also tech savvy in their own right.


Samsung has achieved one of the great landmarks, being one of the only brands which can truly stand toe to toe with the juggernaut of the industry that is Apple Inc. Samsung constantly pushes the envelope as to what can happen, especially in cross connectivity. Since Samsung, unlike a lot of brands, makes all manner of things, such as washing machines, televisions, fridges, and more, they can integrate software which runs through all these devices like a thread, making it a true innovator in the tech world.

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