Gaming Brands Which are Changing the World

Gaming is certainly no longer child’s play. One of the big entertainment mediums of the world today, along with films, gaming is an industry for the future. It should go without saying that being a booming industry which continues to grow with every passing day, there are a few posterchildren for this industry. In fact, there are so many iconic brands existing in the gaming sphere that it was challenging to narrow them down for this very list. Here we feature real needlemovers in the industry, and those helping pull this successful market into the next generation of entertainment technology, for a new audience to experience.


Fortnite is truly one of the most prolific brand names in the world today. Starting out as a fairly bog standard arena survival game, it is the battle royal fever which struck the games industry around 2018 which really gave this brand the Launchpad it needed to succeed. Recently, the Fortnite world championship took place, with a winning prizepool of around $1 million, more than some sporting events even. These recent events demonstrate without a shadow of a doubt that brands in the gaming world hold serious value, weight, and meaning, perhaps as much as a sports franchise, or tech brand, something that people can truly support and project themselves onto.


PUBG, in essence is similar to Fortnite in many ways. This too is a battle royal game, with a rabid fan base, and e-sports following. While Fortnite excelled in many western regions, PUBG did far better in the east, in places like India and the Middle East. PUBG’s following is perhaps the only one in the world able to hold a candle to the aforementioned Fortenite’s popularity. Both these together truly show the power of the modern gaming industry.


Satta, without getting into far too much detail, is an Indian, numbers based gambling game. Traditionally having different hubs in different localities, the game lives on in full spirit today. However, where brands and technology comes in is the site SattaKing which allows one to track the numbers and winnings from the comfort of their own home. This, without damaging the tradition of the game, has modernized it for a new generation to enjoy. This brand truly exhibits a point where traditional and modern gaming can coexist.


The mobile gaming frenzy is very much a real world concept in today’s day and age. Usually, mobile games are casual, party based, multiplayer, and do not require too much thought. They tend to accentuate a vibe, rather than establish it like some of its more modern contemporaries. One of the main examples of this is PSYCH, a party based mobile game, in which many players can participate at one time. This game truly emphasizes why casual gaming may well be the future of the medium at large, and why games like this, and Heads Up are to be taken very seriously in the modern context of the industry.

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