Informational Brands Which Spread the Word

Over the past decade or so, major technological innovations have been used in a plethora of ways, be it entertainment, connectivity, interaction, or to breed even more innovations. However, one of the most overused, and underappreciated of these uses is the spreading of information. We are indeed blessed to have the amount of information that we do at our fingertips, just a few clicks and keyboard types away at any moment. These sites truly help satiate the human thirst for hunger, and are generally some of the more diverse, eccentric, and informational out there to keep track of.


So, we cheated a little on the introduction, stating that these sites were more eccentric, specific, and niche. So it truly can be considered cheating that Wikipedia is the first entry on our list. Wikipedia, as you must know, is the free encyclopedia, and has an entry, page, or mention of near anything in the world you can dream up. From films, to games, to scientific phenomenon, to famous personalities, to vintage cars, you name it, Wikipedia surely has it. Being one of the most widely visited sites in the world on any given day, and any college student’s best friend, Wikipedia is truly a treasure-trove of information.


WIRED is in fact one of the most historically significant sites on the internet from the perspective of a tech buff, like ourselves. The reason for this is that WIRED was in fact one of the first online magazines to have ever existed. For this reason, it earns a spot on our list. Bringing you your daily dose of tech news and roundups from the world of technology, WIRED surely demands your attention, since tech changes are so hard and fast at this point, it can feel at times like you need a guide to carry you through.


GQ, a shorthand for Gentlemans Quarterly, began as, you may imagine, a quarterly magazine delivering the best of mens fashion, grooming, style, and so much more. Today, this continues to be one of the bestselling magazines of the world, which can also be found in electronic form online. GQ’s online website packs so much information onto its pages, from various experts, influencers, and general icons in the world, that the invaluable firsthand experience one receives truly makes it a site which needs to be bookmarked and followed, almost on a daily basis irrespective of gender.


Finally, we come to SattaKing, one of the sites which showed us the natural evolution of both tech, and gaming. We mean this since when the internet burst onto the scene, so many people believed that traditional games, much like satta in India would be completely wiped out, before going extinct. Thankfully however, in one of the few cases of this, Satta didn’t get killed, and instead sprang offshoots like SattaKing, which propelled the traditional game by supportin it, rather than killing it. Satta and SattaKing continue to go strong today, and this platforms informational value is as significant as its standing in the gaming world.

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