Most Consumer Friendly Brands Today

Being surrounded by traits of consumerism and capitalism at every turn, we’ve become extremely accustomed to anticonsumer practices in the world today. It has boiled over to the point where companies which get called out for publically anticonsumer behavior get away with such malpractice and poor behavior. However, there are exceptions to this rule, brands that despite their power over consumers, continue to do the right thing, and give us hope in the system. Here are a few of these such brands.

Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki is one of the oldest and most recognizable brands, at least in the entirety of India. A majority of the sales in the Indian automobile segment come from this brand. One might wonder how this name is coming up in a discussion about ethics? Well truly, this comes down to Maruti Suzuki’s pricing strategy, they make cars which aren’t underpowered or lacking basic features, but offer them at extremely competitive price point. Since India is a buyers’ market when it comes to cars, they force foreign manufacturers to lower prices as well in order to be competitive. This can practically be considered social work, and Maruti Suzuki are truly doing their part to help the population of their country.


Toms is one of the most ethical and responsible brands in the world today, especially in the world of fashion. We hear so many horror stories these days that fashion brands use child labor, or unpaid workforces to manufacture clothing, and while headlines like these break our hearts, there is little we can do. This is where brands like truly shine as beacons of hope for the fashion industry. For every Toms shoe one purchases, the company donates another pair to a child in need, a truly noble cause, from a company hoping to make the world a better place.


More than anything else, the brand SattaKing represents a lot more than what may appear to the naked eye. SattaKing highlights how technology and tradition can coexist. When the internet broke onto the scene, people were afraid that traditional mediums would be instantly killed off. But SattaKing demonstrates that there happen to be ways in which tradition and tech can work together to create harmony rather than ruthless competition. SattaKing simply complements and supplements the game of Satta, which continues to grow strong despite competition and resistance from the internet.


The final entry on our list may come as a little bit of an oddity. Older generations may not even recognize this, but Miniclip is one brand which will spring back memories of joy amongst the younger readers. In essence, Miniclip is a portal which releases flash games for free for everyone to play. You may recognize them from their phenomenal mobile smash hit, 8 ball pool. This is ethical since nowadays in the gaming industry, things like microtransactions, and in game payments have become commonplace, so its nice to see a developer offering their games for free, on their own proprietary online portal.

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