The Most Rewarding Brands for Consumers

There are so many brands these days that have their consumers and users in a state of deadlock. However, this is all the more reason to appreciate the few brands which actually take out the time and devise schemes to actually reward their loyal users and fan base. While these brands are few and far between, some truly do pamper their audience of regular and loyal users in order to intice them to stay. While some offer monetary gain, others have rewards beyond that, and seem less tangible. Either way, it is great practice for businesses and big brands to keep up behavior like this, and surely more companies should take note of such practices.


Paytm is considered a fairly revolutionary software in India, and this is not without good reason. Essentially kicking in the ‘cashless’ revolution which continues to this day, Paytm was a mobile wallet app which caught on like wildfire in the nation. Even today, you’d be hard pressed to find a decent vendor not accepting payments through this online wallet method. However, we’re not here to discuss Paytm itself, but rather, it’s rewards system. The app offers many incentives to users, including it’s own built in store, the Paytm Store, allowing users to pay for items, discounted, directly from their online wallet.

Google Pay

Speaking of online wallets, we come to one of the behemoths of this industry. Google Pay offers so many rewards, it’s hard to keep track of at certain times. Additionally, many different actions have different reward tiers, instead of having a linear system, allowing customers to redeem on simply their very first day with the app. Even without rewards, Google is offering a unique and secure solution to the online wallet, which we would implore each and every one of our readers try, if you haven’t already.


SattaKing is obviously a rewarding app, without a shadow of a doubt. While it may seem more difficult to procure money through this app than any other mentioned on this list, it is also possible to make a lot more money through Satta than anything else on this list. Especially with a site like SattaKing guiding you along the way, your chances of success are far higher. Keep in mind, this list is about ‘reward’, which implies one must do something before claiming it. Be a regular on the SattaKing site, and it’s unlikely you’ll find failure in this extremely traditional game.


Avid travelers and tourists will have undoubtedly heard of this one before, as Goibibo is one of the best travel aggregator sites in the world. They offer flights, trains, hotels, and pretty much anything else you’ll be needing on your various journeys throughout a nation, or the world itself. The real selling  point here is the benefits, chalked up in this app as ‘travel cash’, upon doing certain tasks, you earn travel cash, which can be redeemed in future payments as a discount. A great reward for serious travelers out there.

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